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Green Life on Radio Centre-Ville

Sandra was interviewed by Christina Tam on the Cantonese-language show 三八閒談 (“Et Caetera” – Sundays 8-9AM) on Radio Centre-Ville 102.3 FM in Montreal, appearing on the first of a series of three weekly interviews on environment and green solutions. The specific interview is between minutes 37 and 46 of the following clip:

If you are not a morning person, 三八閒談 is actually available as a podcast.


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Kiosk in Chinatown – St-Jean-Baptiste

Green Life kiosk

The wind, while extremely mild, once again pushed our kiosk on the ground on several occasions, until I (Cedric) decided to pick a nearby metal trash can and stick to the back of the panel. Can’t compare apples and oranges, as apples were twenty cents per unit, versus around thirty cents per unit for tangerines, so I opted for the former to give out for the game that Laine did for us.

We also figured that black is perhaps not the best color to attract attention, and Sandra’s roommate was saying that she could help us out. My own mother, who was passing by Chinatown that afternoon, thought that we could’ve used more green, and nice pics (work on the visuals a little bit – for something fun too). I bought a bottle of Ombrelle 45 for $17.77 at the nearby Proxim pharmacy in Chinatown, and really needed it for the six hours spent under an undying sun…

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Green Life in Maisonneuve

Green Life is in the web version of Maisonneuve:

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Green Life at the Chinatown Street Fair

Come out to meet us at our kiosk in Sun Yat-Sen park in Montreal’s Chinatown this weekend on Sunday June 24th!

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Al Gore at Chinese Family Service

We showed our second movie screening – Inconvenient Truth in English and Chinese subtitles. 8 people showed up, excluding the Green Life team. 2 walked in after reading the Gazette’s article. This makes me really happy.

But there are possiblities. Each person who came here has a vast social network connected to them. For instance, three of which came from the Women’s Group from Chinese Family Service. After the movie, they were very excited about the topic, and even wanted to dub this movie in Cantonese or Mandarin! We can’t wait to see the type of collaboration we can have with the Women’s Group.

Thank you Michelle Lalonde for writing the article in Gazette. Thank you the Green Life team for putting together this screening… as my mind was occupied with other stuff. But most importantly, MANY MANY THANKS to Cedric and Shu Yi for picking up the projector from McGill at the very last minute. You guys saved the day! And finally, thank you Kwan from Chinese Family Service for providing us the space and support for letting us to show this film at their location.

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Kiosk in Chinatown – 27/05/2007

Kiosk in Chinatown - 2007-05-27

We had our first kiosk day on May 27th, a Sunday, to promote Green Life. According to Claude Martel, the Sierra Club of Canada’s Quebec Chapter director, the first time that you organize a kiosk, it takes four times the amount of time that you think that it would take, and the second time, it takes half of that, and then, after a couple of times, you don’t feel it anymore.

It was a very gray day, and the rain finally drove us away. We resisted the moisture pretty nicely, but we would’ve just wished that the wind didn’t blow our panel away.

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This is Chinatown

Clark and La Gauchetière

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Green Life in the Montreal Gazette

Green Life (temporary site) is today’s cover story in the Gazette! A second story on take-out containers can also be found on page A4.

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