Green Life


Green Life at ‘Famous 2007’


Green Life was at ‘Famous 2007’, the 3rd annual singing competition organized by RProduction Team.  We had a kiosk at the entrance, spreading the environmental message to the young chinese in Montreal. 

It was a bit tough in the beginning, facing many rejections.  By the end, we did have tons of FUN and did manage to recruit some new people to help us.  We also hand out bookmarks with environmental tips, which are printed on recyclable paper.  Hope they work!

After the show ended, Laine took the initiative to pick up recyclables at the venue.  This includes flyers and all the bright orange ‘pang pang’.  Those are reyclable because it’s soft plastic!  a big THANK YOU to Laine. 

About the concert.  At17 was really cool.  Love their energy and sincerity.  Do you know they work with Green Peace Hong Kong?  We need more young people like them to stop climate change and build a better future!

ho la! comments ha la!



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  1. Cedric says:

    Greenpeace, not Green Peace!

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