Green Life


Kiosk in Chinatown – St-Jean-Baptiste

Green Life kiosk

The wind, while extremely mild, once again pushed our kiosk on the ground on several occasions, until I (Cedric) decided to pick a nearby metal trash can and stick to the back of the panel. Can’t compare apples and oranges, as apples were twenty cents per unit, versus around thirty cents per unit for tangerines, so I opted for the former to give out for the game that Laine did for us.

We also figured that black is perhaps not the best color to attract attention, and Sandra’s roommate was saying that she could help us out. My own mother, who was passing by Chinatown that afternoon, thought that we could’ve used more green, and nice pics (work on the visuals a little bit – for something fun too). I bought a bottle of Ombrelle 45 for $17.77 at the nearby Proxim pharmacy in Chinatown, and really needed it for the six hours spent under an undying sun…


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